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Which Hair Removal Technique Is Best For You?

Let’s face it – if you are a woman, you want less hair in certain places, and unless you prefer to go completely au naturale, you make decisions about which hair removal technique is best for you.  Of course, how you remove your unwanted hair, where, and how much is a personal choice. If you’re like most, your decision probably focuses on the cost, the possible discomfort, its effectiveness, and if there are any possible complications.

So, which hair removal technique is the best choice for you?

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Least Expensive And Most Private Hair Removal Techniques

You can always select the cheapest route with shaving, plucking, and using an epilator at home.


A long standing female tradition. It is done in the privacy of your own home and, as long as you are careful, there is no pain. It is an effective way to remove hair from the legs and underarms, but the downside is that it only lasts a day or two and the “stubble” is back.

Plucking or Epilation

Plucking, also known as “tweezing,” can only be achieved in very small areas like the brows, whereas epilation can be performed in larger areas. It takes some time to become comfortable with the device and there is some pain at first, but it normally subsides with subsequent epilations. It is a relatively inexpensive and reliable technique for hair removal.

Depilatory Creams

These can be effective for legs, underarms and even bikini areas. Fortunately, recent upgrades have improved the scent, but it is important to read the directions carefully and only use on the recommended areas.

Less Private Techniques For Hair Removal


Waxing is usually performed in a salon, but some brave folks can try this at home. This hair removal technique can be painful and bacterial infections can occur if not performed properly. Hot wax is applied to the skin in the same direction as the hair grows, and then pulled off in the opposite direction. The hair and root are removed, so it can last up to 4 weeks. It is best for use on the upper lip, brows, and bikini area.

Take special care not to use this method anywhere you use acne products or Retin A.


This is an old Middle Eastern technique becoming more popular in the U.S. Mixing a combination of sugar, water and lemon juice, the paste is applied to the same areas but in the opposite direction as waxing, so it  is much less painful. Results are similar to waxing.

Professional Techniques For Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

This technique is longest lasting, and it should only be performed by a skilled medical professional like Dr. Leslie Kardos. Best results occur after 4+ treatments applied every 4 -6 weeks. It only works on dark hair since the laser seeks out melanin, and it is best performed on small areas like the face and bikini line. This technique is the most permanent of all the others.

Additionally, there are some prescription creams and pills that will reduce hair growth on the face and other areas, but will not affect hair on the scalp.

If you are dissatisfied with your personal hair removal techniques or have questions, speak to Dr. Leslie Kardos at Pacific Gynecology Surgical Group about options.